Entrance Door

TDecide on the variety – with the wood-aluminum door range, nothing remains to be desired. Our models serve every taste. From around over square, we thought of everything. Design your own personal style of living through the creative interaction of material and form. The stainless steel applications and the perfectly matched glass design make each model unique. The immaculately worked grooves reinforce the effect of the light cutouts equipped with different color and shape combinations. Unusual perspectives through sandblasting technology provide sophisticated lighting. Play with fresh and sympathetic variations and create your own natural and cultured living.

Technical data
Exterior visible width 77 mm [3.03”]
Frame Depth 97 mm [3.81”]
Sash Depth 97 mm [3.81”]
Insulated panel thickness ≤ 34 mm [≤1.33”]
Thermal Insulation Polyamide 34 mm [1.33”]
Sash mechanism weight limit ≤130 kg [≤286.6 lbs]
Uf 0.7 W/m2K [0.123 BTU/h ft2°F]