91 000 Series

91 000 sliding window series open with the sash sliding left or right. Some people find a sliding glass window easier to open and close than a crank-style window. Since they slide open without protruding, horizontal sliders are an excellent choice for rooms facing walkways, porches or patios. Horizontal slider windows are a favorite for contemporary style homes and are also popular for satisfying bedroom egress requirements. In a single slider, one sash slides to open. In a double slider, both sashes open, which can be great for providing air circulation to a room.

Technical data
Exterior visible width 121 mm [4.7”]
Frame Depth 77 mm [3”]
Sash Depth 38 mm [1.5”]
Glass Thickness ≤ 24 mm [≤ 0.9”]
Thermal Insulation Polyamide 22 mm [0.9”]
Sash mechanism weight limit ≤ 180 kg [400.9 lbs]
Uf 2.97 W/m2K [0.523 BTU/h ft2°F]