76 000 Series

The 76000 series is based on the 75000 series, providing better thermal insulation and increased comfort. The advantages of this series are excellent aesthetics with a warm, wooden look in the interior. Considerable energy savings thanks to the system’s high energy efficiency. High level of sound insulation. Ease of use and high functionality. High quality with certified performance. Increased static loads and functionality in case of severe weather conditions.

Technical data
Exterior visible width 75 mm [2.9”]
Frame Depth 75 mm [2.9”]
Sash Depth 91 mm [3.6”]
Glass Thickness ≤ 31 mm [≤ 1.2”]
Thermal Insulation Polyamide 22 mm [0.9”]
Sash mechanism weight limit ≤ 130 kg [≤ 286.6 lbs]
Uf 0.89 W/m2K [0.156 BTU/h ft2°F]