70 000 Series

Superior by design, 70 000 series tilt and turn window systems are engineered to perform better than other types of windows. And when you add high-quality components, expertise in manufacturing and a robust quality assurance process, the result is an advanced window system with remarkable performance and durability. Everest tilts and turns windows achieve exceptional energy efficiency, air tightness, water-resistance, and sound control. Innovative and easy to operate European windows also provide excellent natural ventilation, high levels of security and are conveniently easy to clean. We offer a variety of dimensions and styles for this standard series..

Technical data
Exterior visible width 81 mm [3.2”]
Frame Depth 80 mm [3.15”]
Sash Depth 78 mm [3.1”]
Glass Thickness ≤ 49 mm [≤ 1.9”]
Thermal Insulation Polyamide 22 mm [0.9”]
Sash mechanism weight limit ≤ 130 kg [≤ 286.6 lbs]
Uf 1.9 W/m2K [0.334 BTU/h ft2°F]