33 000 Structural Facade

Combines the high-quality appearance of an all-glass facade with the efficient construction of a high performance unitized facade. Unitized customized construction is a flexible and powerful modular system for unitized facades. The main difference between this system and special constructions is the system components approved by renowned test institutes. All other components can be tailored perfectly to the facade, around these components, on an individual project basis.

Technical data
Exterior visible width 70 mm [2 3/4”]
Mullion Depth 75-220 mm [3”- 8.7”]
Transom Depth 75-220 mm [3” – 8.7”]
Glass Thickness ≤ 50 mm [≤ 2”]
Mullion maximum inertia jx=501
Transom maximum inertia jx=386
Uf 1.3 W/m2K [0.229 BTU/h ft2°F]