30 000 Structural

Everest CE 30 000 is a complete system for curtain-walls offering multiple design choices and high quality for clean looking, well-built facades. With a high thermal and sound efficiency, this system is the main choice for multi-story buildings from architects all over the world. The tried and tested thermally insulated mullion/transom facade systems Everest Comfort 30000 can be used to create impressive vertical facades and skylights – particularly with large module widths and installation heights, and facetted inwards or outwards. The super Insulation system option not only fulfills current energy – saving standards but with Uf values of up to 1.3 W/m2K [0.229 BTU/h ft2°F], already exceeds some of these requirements today. In this way, aluminum curtain walling suitable for passive housing is now an option.

Technical data
Exterior visible width 50 mm [2”]
Mullion Depth 75-220 mm [3”- 8.7”]
Transom Depth 75-220 mm [3” – 8.7”]
Glass Thickness ≤ 50 mm [≤ 2”]
Mullion maximum inertia jx=800
Transom maximum inertia jx=800
Uf 1.3 W/m2K [0.229 BTU/h ft2°]